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Maddy searched the kitchen for food for the barbeque. The sound of his mom in the kitchen had roused him from his bed. "We can't do that again." Maddy's hand pressed against Kyle's chest to keep him away, but it didn't fully succeed. Kyle admired his dad's ability to focus on the task without seeming to mind the heat. Images of his mom's nude body, under his, filled his head. He takes after his father." Maddy felt flustered, being reminded of Kyle. "If he's anything like my son, he must be bouncing off the walls.

The fear of losing his father was constantly with Letterman as he grew up.

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********* Maddy Ryerson woke to the sound of her husband's snoring. She was glad Carl hadn't awakened before her, because her son's dried cum still coated her nude body in a thick, flaky crust. I think you want it too." Kyle could see in his mom's face that she was torn. Kyle helped set the table while Maddy finished making omelets, along with bacon and strawberries on the side. Though she had kept her son at bay so far this morning, she couldn't stop thinking about the feeling of him inside her. She shook her head slightly, as though to rid herself of those thoughts. Then she felt Kyle's foot against her calf, under the table. Carl looked up from a big chunk of omelet on his fork, with heavy-lidded eyes. The interest had waned in recent years, but this particular meteor shower was supposed to be a good one, and it had caught their attention. "I thought we'd have a late barbeque, and then sit in the back yard and watch it. "I think your dad wants help fixing the sprinklers." Maddy wanted to avoid Kyle during the day, so long as she could. Carl rummaged through the garage to find the tools needed to fix the sprinklers.

Eager to wash off the evidence of her tryst with her son before Carl awoke, Maddy threw back the bed covers and walked naked to the bathroom. When the food was done they sat at the small table in the kitchen. It's supposed to start around 11 p.m." "Sounds good," said Carl. " "I think you almost finished them off last night," said Maddy. She knew he wouldn't control himself, especially if Carl weren't around. "It's going to be over a hundred degrees outside today." "It's no big deal, Kyle," said Carl. A couple of the sprinkler heads aren't working and must be replaced. You can go swimming afterward." Kyle thought he would prefer doing errands with his mom, not his dad. Kyle resigned himself to having to wait until evening to have another chance with mom. His dad took forever getting stuff together in the garage to work on the sprinklers.

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