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Also, more than ‘half’ of these ‘moderate Muslims’ support Sharia law as a form of governance. The acts of violence and intolerance are carried out only by a select few radical extremists and are unsupported by Muslims at large. But on a day like today, where we’ve had three horrendous attacks in France, Kuwait and Tunisia killing at least 40 people, all committed within one day of each other, and all carried out in the name of Islam, it begs the question… Combine that with that fact that over a quarter of so called “moderate” Muslims in the United States support violence in the name of Jihad, and you’ve got a real problem on your hands.This is a system of law that allows for gross abuses of human rights violations including violence against women, non-Muslims and of course gay people. When we apply it globally, what do the numbers tell us? It should come as no surprise that James Comey’s devastating testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee resulted in a lot of verbal vomit and cybervomit from the right. فقد شهد كثيرون عليه زورا، ولكن شهاداتهم كانت متناقضة. وأخذ رؤساء الكهنة والمجلس الأعلى كله يبحثون عن شهادة على يسوع ليقتلوه، فلم يجدوا.

For instance, Laura Ingraham mocked Comey’s account of how everyone was ushered out of the room […] It was only a matter of time before a religious right pastor got a case of diarrhea of the mouth over the horrific bomb attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.

In case you missed it, Bakker claims that those […] If there had been a dictionary entry for “televangelist excess” in the 1980s, Jim Bakker’s picture would be there.

But since crashing, burning, and spending time in prison, Bakker has found a new calling–hard, hard right politics. To hear them talk, God was so determined to end abortion and marriage equality that he cast the only vote that really […] Like most left-leaning evangelical Christians, I believe that Christians in public office should be setting the standard, not trying to do an end run around it.

It initially appeared that Jim Bakker was the first to oblige earlier this week, when he suggested that the bombing victims brought their […] When the Senate Intelligence Committee released James Comey’s written testimony on Wednesday night, it was clear that Donald Trump was in a lot of trouble.

After all, there aren’t many good-faith reasons for why Trump would have asked everyone on hand for a counterterrorism briefing to leave the room before telling Comey that he hoped he could […] It’s been clear for some time that the religious right is losing the battle for the young–bigly.

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