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High There lets you see the profiles of users who share at least one of your primary levels of compatibility: preferred method of getting high, energy level once you're stoned (low, medium, or high), and whether you're interesting in chatting, going out, or staying in.

Unlike Tinder, High There doesn't lean on the probability that two like-minded souls will eventually find each other.

There are sites like 420 Singles and My 420 Mate, but they're handicapped by abysmal design and amateur coding; one called 420 Cupid never got around to sending me an activation email, even after two sign-up attempts.High There is slicker: a close approximation of successful mainstream dating apps.It has bright colors, cute graphics, the same pleasing swiping mechanism as Tinder.Connect with people who enjoy the same things, make friends, find dates, hangouts, or hookups.Swipe suggested matches to find mutual interests, hold conversations, and share great moments with like-minded people.

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